Brand New Enhancement and Enrichment  Programme

We are delighted to be able to inform you about St Peter’s new Enhancement and Enrichment Programme. A timetable of sessions, for all year groups, has been put together to support students’ academic progress and attainment. Education at St Peters, however, is not just about exams and exam results. We have always sought to educate the whole child. The programme we are providing aims to give students opportunities to learn and explore beyond the classroom, developing new friendships across their year groups.

We are very conscious that students have missed so much school this year. Our staff are keen to offer enhancement and enrichment activities that students will engage with and enjoy, enabling them to unlock their full potential.

You can find details of the Enhancement and Enrichment Programme on the attached document. Be aware that provision is organised by year group. There are sessions available before school, starting at 08:00, at lunchtime and after school.

We do hope that your son/daughter will be able to enjoy the opportunities on offer and we look forward to seeing them all learning, trying out something new and having fun.

Click Below for Timetable

KS3-4 Enhancement and Enrichment Programme

KS5 Enrichment Passport