St Peter’s Collegiate Academy Cultural Diversity Programme Charter

Here at St. Peter’s Collegiate Academy, we acknowledge and celebrate our cultural diversity all year round. 

Our shared history covers the span of the globe: from Black history to Asian history to European and British history; and we are proud to embrace and celebrate our diverse cultural heritage.

It is important to us to ensure that the celebration of our cultural diversity is not achieved through ‘token’ single events but is embedded in our everyday lives at St. Peter’s. Whilst we will not be ignoring key periods of recognition such as Black History Month, we are endeavouring to ensure regular positive recognition and celebration of our wide range of cultures and backgrounds through every aspect of school life including the curriculum, enrichment opportunities and worship. 

We are at the start of a very exciting journey, and we will be the first to accept that we have a lot to learn, but we are committed to getting this right. We welcome suggestions from students, parents, carers and the wider school community to help us in the development and implementation of our school Cultural Diversity Programme. 

The first steps in our journey include:

  • Two Cultural Celebration days built into the school calendar to celebrate our wonderful diversity through art, music, dance, dress and other forms of creative expression
  • Culture Societies where students can explore, celebrate, share and learn about their own cultures and the cultures of their peers on a regular basis. 
  • Student-led Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee which explores how we can better celebrate diversity within our daily school lives
  • Guest speakers including those from BAME backgrounds
  • Opportunities to learn about our and other cultures during form worship time
  • Celebration of key figures both past and present through artwork around school and learning opportunities as part of our ‘Reading Often and Widely’ and ‘Cultural Capital’ programmes
  • Student led mural project celebrating our cultural diversity  
  • Discussion and debate provided in lessons and form time which explore not only the struggles of the past, but also the struggles many still face
  • Celebration of the achievements of those from all cultural backgrounds. 
  • Honest reflection on our curriculum to ensure we are making positive steps to provide a more inclusive and diverse curriculum such as learning more about World History in History lessons and inclusion of texts from a wider range of BAME writers in English Language and Literature.