S Peters Collegiate Curricular Review and Options Pathways;

During 2020 there was a curricular review across the school of what is offered to students, this included their option choices process.  S Peters has been using a model for many years that has become outdated due to course content changes driven by the Governments GCSE review.

To allow for more teaching time in option subjects and a more flexible approach to the choices made by young people, we have made the following adjustments;

  • The number of GCSE subjects studied in key stage 4 will become 9 and the options process will occur at the end of year 8.
  • Triple science will be recommended to a number of students who show an aptitude for it, these students will not be forced to study this if this is not what they wish to do. Due to this being a core subject and all students do study science, this is not offered as a free option.
  • Languages will be recommended to students who show an aptitude for it and as above students can opt not to study it. Languages will also be offered as a free option choice.
  • RE is a compulsory subject (and treated as core) at S Peters and is one of the GCSE’s all students study in key stage 4.
  • A single humanity (Geography or History) is studied at GCSE.


The Options Process:

During year 8 students will be offered a choice of three pathways to study in key stage 4;

Science Pathway;

Students who have an aptitude for and have ranked highly enough will be offered triple science (in addition to the core science all students study) which will take one of their options and a flexible choice.   Not following this pathway does not limit students from STEM careers (conditional to performing well in core science).

Language Pathway;

Students who have an aptitude for languages will be offered a language as one of their options and will be offered a flexible choice.

Flexible Pathway;

Students are offered 2 flexible choices (this does not include triple science).

S.Peters is able to offer choices from 19 subjects as part of the GCSE options process. Not all of these can run at the same time and the narrowing of the subject options is driven by student choice.

This also means that the GCSE’s studied by each year group may change from one year to the next as we facilitate a curriculum that  is tailored to the specific needs of each year group.