On Friday 15th July, students at St. Peter’s Collegiate Academy celebrated its rich cultural diversity through a range of activities including music, dance, food and art. Our student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, along with our Head boy and Girl, played a pivotal role in planning the day including identifying the five cultures which best represent our school community: Asian, African, British, Caribbean and European.

Throughout the day, students learned about and experienced aspects of each other’s cultures through a range of activities including dhol drumming, bhangra dancing, African djembe drumming, Caribbean steel pan drumming, African dance, Flamenco, Caribbean cooking and croquet.

Other activities which took place included:

  • learning about key aspects of history such as Windrush and VE day
  • creating Rangoli floor designs, Kuna tribe bracelets and Massai tribal masks designs
  • exploring the traditions and importance of henna
  • discovering more about iconic British music
  • taking part in our own version of the Tour de France
  • learning about accents and dialects
  • cooking up a Jamaican feast
  • and much much more!

Students were invited to attend wearing cultural clothing or clothing that reflected their identity and it was wonderful to see so many students proudly wearing their cultural dress.

In addition to world food being offered in the canteen, Jamaican food was provided by Mammees in Whitmore Reans and Indian food by Sano Spices’ Masala Palace. Students enjoyed delicious food including jerk chicken, rice and peas, curried goat, chicken curry, samosas, chicken tikka wraps and Masala fries.

Talking about the event, Associate Assistant Principal, Claire Crick said: “We are incredibly proud of the wonderful diversity within our school community and we are keen to celebrate this in any way we can. Students and staff worked incredibly hard to plan opportunities to learn about and celebrate one another’s cultures. It was a truly wonderful day!”