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Our core aim is to support our students in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, allowing them to flourish as lifelong learners seeking to love God and serve the community.

Our curriculum is central to this aim and is relevant to the needs of modern day Britain – balancing faith and academic rigour with a realistic understanding of students’ personal, spiritual and social needs.


St Peter’s Collegiate Academy is a distinctively Church of England school with core Christian and British values at its heart. 

As a faith Academy, students of all faith backgrounds and none are valued. The Academy endeavours to reflect the rich and diverse heritage of Wolverhampton. For more information on our Christian Ethos  click here (Page6 or to Christian Ethos page)

KS3 Curriculum (years 7, 8 & 9)

Our Key Stage 3 provision is built on a strong academic core based around the National Curriculum.  Students are initially taught in mixed ability groups, before being streamed in the core subjects.  All students are taught:

Mathematics, English, Science, Computer Science, Geography, History, PE, Art, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama, Performing Arts, Music, Religious Education, Citizenship and PSHE.

We operate a 3 year key stage 3 in order to meet the developing needs of students effectively. This ensures they are provided with the breadth and depth needed to succeed at key stage 4 and beyond. Our curriculum provides a secure foundation to make informed and considered choices when options are taken.

Students who require extra support are offered help via a wide range of interventions in school. Click here for more details

Students apply for their options midway through year 9. For more information about our options process click here (link to options booklet / or P8)

KS4 Curriculum (years 10 & 11)

A full curriculum is provided that follows the National Curriculum programmes of study.  This leads to both academic and vocational qualifications in key Stages 4 and 5. 

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is built around a strong academic core of Maths, English, Science, Religious Education and History or Geography. PE and PSHE also form part of students timetable which is completed with students option subjects.

We continue to provide a broad curriculum with flexible pathways for individual students to achieve the best outcomes they can.  Students’ experiences are tailored to develop their strengths, aptitudes and interests and to aid, support and encourage them in their next steps. We aim to balance an academic curriculum with enrichment opportunities to enable our students to be prepared and best-equipped for their roles as future citizens. 

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

Sixth Form students study three A level or Level 3 subjects chosen from a suite of 39 subjects. Every effort is made to enable the preferred choice as requested by students, but where an option is not viable in terms of numbers and/or staffing, Governors reserve the right to withdraw the subject option offer. Subjects running are also lead by student choice

The Sixth Form provides a strong curriculum for over 240 students.  There is a wide range of traditional academic A Level subjects on offer as well as BTEC Level 3 and CTEC courses.

For details of the subjects offered, here is the link to our Sixth Form subject handbook, 

Curriculum Equality and Diversity at St Peters

At St Peters Collegiate Academy equality and diversity is promoted through an inclusive curriculum offer. We aim to educate the whole person, so that each may be enabled to unlock their full God-given potential. For details please see our curriculum diversity statement: (link below)

Curriculum Diversity Document

Further information:

Exam Board Specifications

Exam board info found can be found here

Enhancement & Enrichment Programme (All Year Groups)

Our extensive Enhancement & Enrichment Programme enables students to take part in a wide range of additional opportunities and to develop increased depth in their knowledge.  It provides further opportunities to stretch and challenge the most able students as well as allowing more time to develop deeper knowledge and understanding for students who may need further support.

Full Enhancement & Enrichment Programme

Subject Specific Curriculum Overview Documents

Individual Subject Curriculum Overview Documents

For more information on our Curriculum contact [email protected]