Last Thursday I was selected, with a few other year 7 students, to carry the Wolverhampton Community Games Torch for St. Peters School. This torch was being used to represent the Commonwealth Games Torch and to raise awareness of the Commonwealth Games which are being held in Birmingham in July and August. The real Commonwealth Torch is travelling around the Commonwealth and each school who holds the torch has been allocated to a different Commonwealth country. We represented Uganda. We collected the torch from St. Michael’s School (Zambia) who carried it along the old railway line. We brought it back to school and paraded it around the classrooms so everyone could see it. Finally we hopped into the minibus and delivered the torch to Christ Church School where they created an archway with their arms for us to run through. I really enjoyed the experience and wish I could do it again. It has got me excited for the Commonwealth Games.

Oliver Maybury – Year 7