Year 9 Dimensions Day

This year, year 9 pupils took part in 2 half-day sessions on 10th April. In the theatre, Kim, a wonderful presenter from Positively Mad, lead a wide range of activities called Super Speed Study Skills.

She shared tried and tested study skills that pupils can use and develop independently to maximise their learning over the coming years. Her ideas were fun, active and effective, and pupils took part with enthusiasm. In particular, Kim focused on how the use mind mapping to help organise and memorise important information that we need to retain in our long term memory, ready to use in GCSE exams. The examples were eye-catching, and we all now know about the life and travels of Marco Polo.

The other session was based around a French or German film (Les Choristes / Das Wunder von Bern). Pupils enjoyed watching a film that they had never seen before, followed by language based activities to help them discover the characters and the setting of the films. Some pupils also took the time to write reviews, they are well worth a read!

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