Dear parents and carers
Contextual safeguarding is big news in the world of keeping our children safe. The world is fast paced and it changes at speed.  No two days are the same and the experience of two generations is so very different.  As parents, we are apprentices to the role (we are learning on the job) and our own experience is so very different – we didn’t grow up in an era of social media and child exploitation.  Contextual safeguarding is the recognition that children can be vulnerable outside of our family homes – we can do everything in our power to keep our children safe when they are with us, but the moment they are out with friends, at the park, in the local shopping centre, visiting a different area, then our ability to keep our children safe is very different.  It is true to say that children are at risk of criminal (including s*xual) exploitation when they are online, in the community or on public transport.  In school we work hard to deliver a strong Personal, Social and Health Education programme, incorporating our Relationships and S*x Education work; some young people access targeted additional sessions where risk is identified and they can also access targeted support from specialist services in the locality, however, sharing is key.  Where you are concerned about your child, please speak to us!  Where we are concerned about your child, we will always speak to you!  Together, we are much stronger in the quest to keep children safe in our local community and beyond.
As part of our commitment to safeguarding education, and in line with the strong recommendations in Keeping Children Safe in Education, we like to share with you materials and resources that may help you to keep you own child(ren) safe.  PACE (Parents Against Criminal Exploitation) works alongside parents or carers of children and young people who are being – or are at risk of being – exploited by perpetrators external to the family.  PACE is a resource available to all parents and carers nationally.  You can visit their website here: Parents Against Child Exploitation (Pace) UK (
As ever, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns about your child’s welfare, wellbeing or safety.